Your IT Partner

From the very beginning of our partnership with your company, we kick it into high gear with our Onboarding Team. Finding all the inefficiencies in your business and fixing them with viable solutions that increase your bottom line. After the onboarding process is complete, our Service Desk technicians are available 8760 hours a year! We make your business's success our #1 priority. With that in mind, we ensure you're running at maximum efficiency, and if not, find immediate solutions to get you and your business to that point.

Infinity's Offering

From start to job well done, our teams are always here for our partners, regardless of the need.

Onboarding Team

Our Onboarding Team is there right from the start to find any weaknesses in your business's infrastructure, get solutions put in place, and integrate all devices, workstations and servers into the ITS Central Hub. We'll make it clear how much more efficient your business will run.

Service Desk

Available 8760 hours a year for all of our partners, the Service Desk Team is your single point-of-contact for everything I.T. related. No matter the issue, our technicians will find a solution. Our technicians are also constantly monitoring your network for any security breaches or weaknesses.

Projects Team

There isn't a task that our Project Engineers cannot handle. No matter what new technologies need to be implemented (cabling, servers, networks, etc.), our engineers know how to get the job done right. Always have peace of mind knowing this team is the best in the region.

Service Delivery Team

Each team is headed by your own Dedicated Systems Administrator. These administrators ensure that your satisfaction is beyond what you expected. They will constantly monitor the performance of all the equipment within your business to ensure maximum efficiency and performance.

Custom Developement

If our teams or you identify areas of your business that could be improved, and have not been solved by the market, we have a software engineering team for that. There isn't a single challenge that our development team cannot handle. From application development to database design, we can build any solution your business needs.