Infinity Tech and DirecTV - How Are They Related?

Monday, February 11, 2019
Not sure if you’ve heard, but AT&T has launched a new and improved TV streaming service called DirecTV Now. It aims to compete with competitors such as Sling TV in the live streaming space by offering more channels, more features (such as cloud DVR), and at a cheaper price. Netflix is also in the crosshairs with the Video on Demand feature, enhanced by the potential purchase of Time Warner. Exciting times for mobile video! What does this have to do with Infinity Technology Services? As some of you know, our founder and managing partner Jason Conley has been splitting his time the past year between Infinity Technology Services and the new and improved AT&T DirecTV Now datacenter right here in Mission, KS. “It’s definitely been a ton of fun.”, he states about the past year, “but I’m anxious to get back to really contributing as much as possible to Infinity.” When asked how he was able to perform both duties he replied: “I feel really fortunate to have what I feel is the best crew in the US on the team with me at Infinity. My role at Infinity is really to just set the guys up for success… and then get out of their way. It’s less of a boss/employee relationship and more of a comradery. Weekly I find myself correcting Dexton for calling me boss, but I’m certain he just does it for fun now. I like to consider myself a student of the craft and constantly strive learn more and more. When I was approached with the opportunity to help build one of the most exciting datacenters in Kansas City, I couldn’t pass it up.” We pried a bit more about the technology and here are a few fun things he helped build: • 1000+ servers installed • 20,000+ CPU cores • 100G Networking • 15+ networking device types • 5 fiber types • 18 automation scripts written (PowerShell and python) • 1.8Tbps Internet (That’s 1,800 Google Fiber connections) • 100+ PB of storage I know everyone in the office is excited to have him back to help keeping our clients HAPPY! If you’d like to sign up for DirecTV Now, they’re running a special where the first 3 months are only $10/mo. Check them out at

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