Two-Factor Authentication

Friday, June 19, 2020
Two-Factor Authentication is an absolute must! Check out this true story how two-factor could have saved time and money. Imagine working at home all day 5 o’clock rolls around, you lock your computer, wake up the next morning login to check your emails and notice that someone had been talking back and forth with one of your clients and got them to send money to an account that wasn’t yours. Someone has gotten your email password, logged in as you and stole money from your client. These people leave you to pick up the pieces all because you didn’t have 2FA setup for email. Two factor works just like it sounds you must have two forms of “id” to login to your account in this case the two forms are username/password and your phone. We have a service that would alert your phone upon login ask if this was you asking you to approve or deny the login. So even if these people had your email password, they would not have been able to login as you. Chat with us or call us see how $5 a month can save you from this nightmare. Author: Kyle Conley Email: Phone: 913-222-1601

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